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An Introduction to the Visual LISP IDE

The Visual LISP IDE (rather, more precisely: Visual LISP Integrated Development Environment (VLIDE) – but that’s a bit of a mouthful), is an excellent developer tool & resource supplied as standard with the majority of full versions of AutoCAD.

Even if you are just starting to program in LISP, in my opinion, the VLIDE is essential and can be a great learning aid.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to get started with the VLIDE, and, to keep things relatively clear, I won’t be delving too deeply into the multitude of tools available to the developer.


To begin, open AutoCAD to a blank drawing and type VLIDE at the command line.

A window should appear, containing two or more smaller windows including the Console Window & Trace Window (more on these later).

Let’s begin by opening a New File in which we can start to construct a program. To do this, go to File » New File (alternatively using the shortcut: Ctrl+N ).

In the window that appears, we can start to construct our LISP program. As an example, copy or type the following code into the blank editor window:

Our Visual Lisp Products

EM has developed many API’s for AutoCAD which can help to increase your production for various fields in, Visual Lisp is very powerful tool and starts from where the functionality of AutoCAD ends and fasten the AutoCAD process.

AutoCAD, We are also capable of developing new programs for you on demand.

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