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A Sustainable,Integrated Multidisciplinary BIM Company

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A Sustainable,Integrated Multidisciplinary BIM Company

Pluming Design and Modeling

EM BIM Consultants is a renowned BIM consultant firm in Pakistan Lahore, specializes in designing plumbing BIM models. Our 3D Plumbing Model gives insight to efficiently plan, manage, design and construct the building. Our team of experts are experienced and have a proven track record of delivering high-quality plumbing layout plans. We design customised plumbing piping drawings for various types of building including residential, commercial buildings, schools, universities, shopping malls, hotels, airports, hospitals and industries.

In our Plumbing Layout Model, we give detailed information about the size, shape and specification of plumbing elements including pipes, valves, tanks, water filters, water heaters, UV sterilization. Our engineers and BIM designers carefully examine all the plumbing elements to detect and solve the clashes before the installation. Our BIM Clash Detection model for plumbing system saves your time, material and money.