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Clash Detection and Report Generating

Clash detection is the terminology used for automating collision finding prior to construction issues in the field during design and preconstruction. This activity fits in a constructability analysis used to find issues that, left unchecked, can lead to problems, cost overrun and productivity loss in the actual construction phase. Clash detection is available in a number of software programs, including Navisworks, Solibri Model Checker, Revit and more. Some software programs have advanced features (like Solibri) and offer the ability to create rules, while some only offer basic features (like Revit).

A test is a predefined set of elements which have to be checked for collisions. There are usually two types of validations: intersecting and clearance check (sometimes called “soft check”). An intersecting clash is a collision of the geometries of two objects. A clearance check is a collision between a predefined buffer around an object’s geometry and another object’s geometry. The buffer can be set in some clash detection software programs or modeled in the BIM object itself, as shown below for mechanical equipment maintenance. It can also be used for doors accessibility clearance, stair run clearances, precast concrete panel installation clearance, steel truss deflection and more.